Acupuncture and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF): Recent Research and Clinical Guidelines
September 25, 2016
Treatment of period pain with acupuncture Balwyn Victoria
Treatment of Period Pain with Acupuncture
April 28, 2017

Meridian Balancing System – A classic Strategy for Pain Relief

Meridian Balancing System

Meridian Balancing System

Meridian Balancing System – A Classic Strategy for Pain Relief

Acupuncture treatment is well known for pain relief. Sometimes, acupuncture needles are inserted to the affected area directly and we call this local treatment. But what happens if we cannot treat the affected area locally, for example in case of internal pain, inflamed conditions, open wound or broken bone with casting? The answer is: we can use distal points.

Distal points are the acupuncture points located away from the affected area. They can be selected precisely through the Meridian Balancing System, which is based on palpation diagnosis and ancient meridian theory.

The meridians requiring treatment are determined by meridian selection systems and the distal points are selected by mappings of different body parts.

There are five meridian selection systems as listed below. One or more systems can be utilized to restore the balance and reduce pain.

System 1: Meridian Name Sharing
System 2: Bie-Jing / Branching Meridian
System 3: Biao-Li / Interior-Exterior Pairs
System 4: Meridian Clock Opposites
System 5: Meridian Clock Neighbors

Meridian Balancing System

Meridian Balancing System

Acupuncture Mapping

Mapping of scalp to spine:

Mapping of scalp to spine

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